What is Xylitol?


Are you wondering what xylitol is?  This video explains part of it.  Xylitol is a natural sweetener usually extracted from corn or birch.  It is beneficial for your dental health, but large doses can cause some gastric distress in some people.  Also beware that it is dangerous for dogs and …

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Fact or Fiction? Are cavities contagious?

baby grin

FICTION: Cavities are not contagious. FACT: Studies show that infants are not born with the bacteria that cause cavities, but that they are infected most often by their parents or caregivers. This route of infection is often referred to as “vertical transmission.” This vertical transmission takes place when the infant …

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Fact or Fiction? Sugar causes cavities?

tooth decay

FICTION: Sugar causes cavities FACT: Bacteria that cause cavities are driven by an acidic pH. Acidic conditions in the mouth (pH below 7) cause a shift in the species of bacteria that form the biofilm (thin layer of bacteria that every person has) on the teeth. When this shift occurs, cavity-causing …

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How Xylitol remineralizes teeth

healthy teeth

The Remineralization effects of XYLITOL: Xylitol is a 5-carbon sugar that the oral micro-flora cannot metabolize. Xylitol has well-documented anti-cariogenic effects through its inactivation of strep mutans and inhibition of plaque’s ability to produce acids and polysaccharides. Plaque becomes less tenacious, less acidic and less able to thicken on teeth …

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