Fact or Fiction? Are cavities contagious?

baby grin

FICTION: Cavities are not contagious. FACT: Studies show that infants are not born with the bacteria that cause cavities, but that they are infected most often by their parents or caregivers. This route of infection is often referred to as “vertical transmission.” This vertical transmission takes place when the infant …

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How To Write A Good Thesis In A Custom Essay

It Makes Sense To Order Essay Papers Cyberspace There can be occasions from which youngsters past experiences challenges writing essays-for whichever issues. The answer towards their situation could possibly be to acquire economical essay papers from the internet. We’re most certainly using a different placement to deliver affordable rates-without ever …

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Fact or Fiction? Sugar causes cavities?

tooth decay

FICTION: Sugar causes cavities FACT: Bacteria that cause cavities are driven by an acidic pH. Acidic conditions in the mouth (pH below 7) cause a shift in the species of bacteria that form the biofilm (thin layer of bacteria that every person has) on the teeth. When this shift occurs, cavity-causing …

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