Study showing how Xylitol prevents earaches

xylitol cures earache

This study published in “Pediatrics” the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that xylitol is effective in preventing acute otitis media (inflammation of the ear) and decreases the need for antibiotics. In this xylitol study, researchers recruited 857 children in daycare and divided them into 5 groups …

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Xylitol Reduces Plaque Growth

xylitol prevents plaque

Recent studies at the Dental Schools of Michigan and Indiana Universities have tested the effect of Xylitol / Sorbitol blends in chewing gum and mints on plaque. They showed a significant decrease in plaque accumulation.  

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Benefits of Xylitol

Benefits of Xylitol * No Unpleasant Aftertaste * Helps Reduce the Development of Dental Cavities (Decay) * Reduces Plaque Formation * Increases Salivary Flow to Aid in the Repair of Damaged Tooth Enamel * Acceptable for Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetics

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Xylitol reduces new cavities

healthy teeth

In clinical and field tests, the use of Xylitol between meals was associated with significantly reduced new cavities, even when participants were already practicing good oral hygiene. Results clearly establish that use of Xylitol-sweetened foods provide additional help in the battle against tooth decay. It also inhibits the growth of …

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