Xylitol helps reduce tooth decay

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Most recently, Xylitol has been proven to reduce tooth decay. It is a good-tasting sugar substitute that has been shown to dramatically reduce cavities. After consuming foods and drinks that are high in sugar, bacteria can grow in your mouth and cause cavities. Using Xylitol increases the production of saliva in your mouth and works to reduce the acid that causes cavities. It also drains the fuel that bacteria need to wear away the enamel on teeth.

Bacteria can also create plaque, an invisible, sticky film of food residue that constantly forms on your teeth. Unless removed, plaque can form on your gum-line and can lead to gum disease.

We recommend that you:

* Brush and floss after meals (at least twice a day)
* Use Xylitol gum or mints after meals, snacks and sodas (at least 3 times a day

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